Paul Blake : CV :


I arrived in London in 1995. The Internet had begun to grow exponentially and there was an increasing interest in my skills as a website developer. I had created an online portfolio of my animations and graphics - this brought me employment with Emap Publications as a web producer, editor, and later manager. Since then I have been employed in managing website development.

I reinforced my management experience with a MA from London College of Printing in Media Technology Administration, a media management Masters Degree program. My course work included The Management of Human Resources, Projects and Change for which I wrote a project plan for a publishing company to move online. I wrote my final dissertation on Content Management and XML.

As a production manager I have prepared reports for senior management, maintained schedules, projects plans, budgets including invoices and payments and managed human resources. I have developed production websites where all material used in the process is backed up and available.

As a web developer I have maintained content, moderated forums, processed graphics, edited text, and designed interfaces.

Print projects have included flyers, posters and brochures using Adobe Indesign.

I pride myself on being able to communicate with developers, designers, writers and managers. Working with a variety of clients I have introduced ideas, encouraged introspection and developed communication across departments and organisations.

I am constantly learning new skills and keeping abreast of changes in web technology. Recently I have been learning about MVC within the Zend Framework (BBC Forge), and furthering my use of HTML5 and CSS3, JS libraries (BBC Glow), and the BBC mapping API.